2 comments on “Dana Loesch: If Bundy Trespass Cows Were Illegal Aliens They’d Get EBT Cards & Obama Phones

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    That is is true lol. I really think if they just said hey we want you off for a solar plan people would be like okay. Send the cattle back to the dudes land and move on. They decided to take his cattle, aim guns are everyone, taser people, then openly say they would open fire on protesters is just one big cluster eff. People understand we need better options than nuclear and coal. There would be some crying but not this huge massively bad PR the BLM and the stupid governor has now. I think the government doesnt think we can handle the truth. I think the american people would care for like 2 seconds and move on. Now they will have protest after protest now against them. Ugg politicians know nothing.

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