4 comments on “Major Obama donor avoids jail time after brutally beating girlfriend

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Make this go viral. Why do these pigs get off like that? Why is that someone with a name like “Gurbaksh Chahal” is ignored when a Mr. John Smith, White guy who blocks a blow from a pissed off wife slapping him (subsequently leaving a bruise on HER arm where she hit HIS arm) gets jail time, his guns taken away, or put in prison for 18 years? Oh, right because Mr. Smith is white. I forgot.

  2. Reblogged this on High Heels and Handguns and commented:
    All of you Obama lovers are concerned with law-abiding citizens owning guns because you believe they are the reason for crime and violence in this country. What do you have to say on this one? Anything? When are you going to realize that it is the people behind the weapons that you should be concerned about and they are avoiding prison! Great.

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