2 comments on “The Reason Why There Will Be a Second American Civil War

  1. What is the alternative? Wait for the wheels to come off and …???? I contend that if the wheels come off the economy, whoever is the current president will declare himself dictator (he won’t use that word) and begin rounding up dissidents, etc., anyway. If something like Operation American Spring actually does happen, there will still be a media to cover it (and, more importantly, a new media to get the real story out), but if we wait for economic free fall, the presidential dictator will be able to assert the military need to shut down the Internet because public ignorance will work in his/her favor.

    To my way of thinking, the sooner American troops fire on American citizens, the sooner American citizens wake up and realize they need to fight back. Remember — it wasn’t MLK’s marches that won the sympathy of northerners who weren’t directly dealing with racism; it was the film footage of southern sheriffs blasting peaceful protesters with water canons that did that. It was the protests that ended the Vietnam War. It was the news coverage of government agencies arresting American citizens and firing into crowds of students at Kent State that changed the hearts of the American people.

    Sadly, when American troops fire on peaceful American citizens gathered in protest of government policies, enough Americans will FINALLY wake up to the tyranny to make a different.

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