2 comments on “Education? No, it’s about data-mining

  1. Evidence is mounting, in fact it can be seen on just about every UN website, that the UN wants to impoversh the western world in the name of what they call “sustainability”. They are not talking about economic sustainability but rather about the “damage” that humans do to the environment which is treated as being more catestrophic than predicted CO2 caused global warming.
    Imminent figures associated with the UN propose catastrophic population reductions in order to save Gaia and if the IPCC deservedly crashes, there is still Agenda 21, signed by every western country on this planet and has tenticles in our legislation, local governments, our education and who knows where else, there to hold the flag. Compared with Agenda 21 make the Global Warming hysteria look like May dancing.

    How do I know this? Its because I live in a earthquake devastated city and I am seeing Agenda21 policies enacted in front of my very eyes using the “unprecidented opportunity” (the earthquakes) to “build a better” (sustainable) Christchurch.

    Human rights, property rights and restraints on governmental power have all but disappeared!

    Our “government” is even compulsarily demolishing undamaged, privately owned buildings to make way for their wonderful plan. Christchurch is not being rebuilt and repaired – instead a completely new, different and expensive city is being built where our city of Christchurch once was.

    Some of this is on my blog at http://www.thedemiseofchristchurch.com



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